The consultancy services we offer span the entire spectrum of the electronics engineering product lifecycle.

Requirements Capture and Analysis

We are strong believers in requirements clarity: having clear requirements is the cheapest and quickest way to a successful project. We can help our clients capture the requirements of their product. Requirements are tabulated and reviewed. They are challenged and prioritised in the knowledge that every requirement ultimately adds to the total cost.

System Design

System requirements lead to a high-level system design. We can then derive the requirements for the various sub-systems, e.g. radio frequency (RF) modules, digital or analogue circuit boards, field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), programmable logic devices (PLDs), embedded processors, PC software, etc. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms can be developed and modelled in Matlab prior to deployment onto the various processing elements.

Identification of clear responsibilities for each sub-system and unambiguous boundaries between the various sub-systems is critical to the success of a programme.

Implementation and Module Test

We offer implementation services for the various sub-systems. Using our network of similarly-minded engineers we can offer design services over the complete range of electronics and software development disciplines required for embedded telecommunications systems:

  • DSP algorithms on dedicated processors or embedded soft cores
  • FPGA and PLD firmware, implemented in VHDL, at register transfer level (RTL)
  • Embedded and PC software, implemented in C or C++
  • Digital electronics, including high-speed digital communications
  • Analogue electronics, including power supply and RF design

We are passionate for module testing and will typically spend longer testing a module than actually implementing it. We believe in building systems from sub-systems that can be trusted having been proven through rigorous testing. To this effect, we employ various automation tools in our test campaigns.

System Integration

The most interesting phase of product development is system integration. This is where everything comes together and leads to the finished product. We can help our client coordinate this difficult phase through methodical and careful progressive steps. We will look at any problems with an open mind and act such that the various blockages are cleared efficiently and in a timely manner.

System Verification and Test

We can advise and undertake on verification methods of the finished system, whether it be by analysis, review or test. We can oversee the development of automated test programmes and review test results giving final approval for shipment.